توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : Photo Contacts PRO v5.50

24-12-2009, 16:44
Photo Contacts PRO v5.50

آخرین ورژن این برنامه ي کامل براي مديريت بر کانتکت هاي شما که توانایی های بسیاری دارد مثل:

ساخت پروفایل های مختلف

............. کردن تماس ها

قرار دادن زنگ هاي مختلف براي تلفن و زنگ sms

نشان دادن عکس افراد به صورت تمام صفحه در هنگام تماس به شما و ...

http://www.mobilestan.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=334917&stc=1&d=1261662626 http://www.mobilestan.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=334916&stc=1&d=1261662626



Easily assign distinctive Ringtones and distinctive SMS Tones to contacts

Photo Contacts PRO features easy to use Ring Tone and SMS Tone Managers that let you preview and assign distinctive ringtones (MP3, WMA, etc.) and SMS tones to contacts, contact groups and Unknown and Private callers on your phone.

With distinctive SMS Tones you will instantly know who the message is from

Distinctive SMS sounds (MP3, WMA, etc.) can be applied to individual contacts, groups or unknown senders.

Today Screen Plug-in with pictures. Call favorite contacts, see recent callers and control phone profiles right from your Today Screen.

The Today Screen plugin enables you to place pictures of your Favorite Contacts right on the Today Screen. The program will log Recent Callers with pictures as well as show Active Profile information and Battery and Memory status right on the Today screen.

Never be disturbed in a meeting again!

Photo Contacts PRO 5 adapts your phone to your schedule by automatically switching profiles (see screenshot):

- Automatic Profiles detect meetings and appointments and automatically switch profiles when appropriate
- Profile Scheduler - take full control of the phone and incoming calls by creating a schedule that automatically switches phone profiles based on hours, days, calendar.
- Timed Temporary Profiles enable you to quickly switch to a certain profile temporarily (to Silent for 2 hours when in a cinema for example), automatically switching back after the time passes. They also feature a Ringtone/SMS tone override enabling you to utilize an extra loud ring when needed.

The Photo Contacts PRO Today Screen plug-in lets you easily switch profiles or set temporary profiles with a single tap.

Complete Privacy - Automatically Reject or Hang Up unwanted callers including Unknown and Private numbers with the new Advanced Call Filter with Profiles.

Fully integrated per contact and per category Call Filtering allows users to specify the following settings to incoming calls:

- Reject: The call is automatically rejected and the caller is sent to Voicemail
- Hang Up: The call is automatically hanged up (caller just hears a 'click' as if the line did not exist)
- Reject+SMS: The call is automatically rejected and an SMS message is sent to the caller's mobile number
- Silent: The call is permitted to come through but the ring is silent
- Vibrate: The call is permitted to come through with vibrate
- Bypass: The call is allowed to bypass the call filter in case of a global setting

What's new in Photo Contacts PRO (Pocket PC) 5.50:
New Features:
· Smooth Scrolling and finger friendly enhancements - Use your finger to scroll through contacts with contact pictures, make calls easily and send quick-SMS messages!
· Unknown Number Location ID - During an incoming call, Photo Contacts PRO will show you where the Unknown Caller is calling you from (eg. Boston, MA). The program will decode the location based on the incoming area code.
· Business Photo Caller ID with Slide-to-Answer - Three new Caller ID modes prevent inadvertent screen presses during an incoming call. Photo Contacts PRO shows you a large picture of the caller as well as their Company Name, Title and telephone number. Now featuring easy to use Slide-to-Answer, Slide-to-Ignore as well as call Silence, Speakerphone Answer and Reject with SMS features, all during an incoming call.
· Distinctive Email Tones with VIP Email notifications -
· Assign distinctive sounds to contacts for new email notifications. A custom sound will notify you when you get an email from a specific person. A custom vibration will alert you when you get an email from an important person (eg. your Boss, your Wife, the President).
· Windows Phone/Windows Mobile 6.5 compatibility and customizations for latest phones - The new version includes customizations for latest devices such as HTC Touch PRO2, HTC Imagio, AT&T Pure, HTC Diamond 2, Sony Ericsson Xperia X2, HTC HD2, LG eXpo, HTC Tilt 2, Samsung Intrepid, Samsung Omnia 2, Samsung Omnia Lite, and others.
· Full Integration with HTC TouchFlo - Photo Contacts PRO will place a Profile Picker button on the bottom of the phone’s screen for easy access to Call Blocking and Automatic Profiles and quick Dialing and SMS. It will also integrate with the All Contacts button in TouchFlo.
· Added International language support for Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and French Canadian. Ability to easily add new languages by editing a text-file. Contact us if you'd like to translate Photo Contacts PRO into your native language!

· Support for non-standard main menu font sizes
· Decreased delay for tap-and-hold to open Photo Contacts PRO in Profile Picker button making it easier to open the program from the Today Screen
· Removed Today Screen Enhancements option at first start - you can enable the Today Plugin on Tools>Options
· SMS Picture support on latest devices
· Support for All Contacts button on latest devices
· Fix for automatic and manual Bluetooth toggling on Touch PRO2 and other new devices
· Fix for Options screen on devices with 320x320 screen resolutions (eg. Treo PRO)
· Fix for crash in Detail View>All Fields
· Fix for address view on 320x320 devices
· Support for large soft-keyboards in Call Dialog (for Quick-SMS)
· Customization for Call Filtering/Hang Up functionality on Touch PRO2 and other new devices
· Tapping anywhere on the Category/Text Filter bar (middle bottom of main view, (showing active Text/Category) will clear the filter. This will make it easier to clear a contact search with your finger
· Support for disabling/enabling Samsung Omnia Widget plugin in Options
· Graphical enhancements for themes
· New Splash screen
· Many other minor enhancements

04-02-2010, 00:52
برنامه Resco contact manager خیلی عالیه فقط عکس رو مثل این برنامه تمام صفحه نمیندزه. من میخوام این برنامه رو نصب کنم عکس رو تمام صفحه بندازه ولی نمیخوام Keypad Phone و یا همون Phone Pad عوض بشه میخوام برای خود گوشی باشه

05-04-2010, 00:53
Photo Contacts PRO v6.0

http://static.img4tw.com/i/23a8b853.png http://static.img4tw.com/i/30be9508.png

New Features

Advanced smooth scrolling functionality with increased speed
Use your finger to slide contacts up/down to scroll, slide right to quickly see Favorite contacts, slide left to see a new page showing your categories with contact pictures

New Category View with pictures
Sliding the screen from right-to-left will open a new page showing all of your contact categories with small pictures of contacts in those categories, allowing you to quickly see which contacts are in each category and easily switch to a desired category

UI enhancements for quicker operation with your finger
Larger buttons at the bottom of the screen for switching to Favorites, switching Categories and the Letter Bar.

Added Windows Phone/Windows Mobile 6.5.3 compatibility

Enhanced support for latest devices


Enhanced Photo Caller ID compatibility with latest devices - Touch PRO2, Imagio, Fuze, Omnia 2, HD2, etc.

HTC Sense compatibility - ability to enable/disable handling of All People tab, ability to enable/disable HTC sense from Options screen

Call Filtering enhancements for latest devices for Reject and HangUp - Touch PRO2, Imagio, Omnia 2, HD2, etc.

Enhancements for Bluetooth on/off switching via a profile on some devices

Fix for default Email tone not working on some devices

Fix for SMS tones sometimes not working on some devices

Many other minor enhancements

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