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26-01-2010, 20:43
My Mobiler v1.25

برنامه ای رایگان جهت کنترل ویندوز موبایل از طریق کامپیوتر با قابلیت های:

مشاهده صفحه ppc در کامپیوتر
امکان تایپ از طریق کیبورد کامپیور در ppc
استفاده از موس
Copy - Paste
ذخیره اسکرین شات wm

سایت مرجع (http://www.mtux.com)


View your mobile screen and control with your keyboard and mouse on your desktop.
My Mobiler provides:
- View your mobile screen on your desktop.
- Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse.
- Copy/Paste text between mobile and desktop.
- Capture mobile screen.
- Drag and files to your mobile.
- Support ActiveSync / IP Connection.
- File copy from desktop to mobile (drag&drop).
- Support skin feature. (Default skin size is 240x320)
- Support video record (avi, wmv file).
- Support Mobile Explorer.
o File browse of your mobile.
o File copy between desktop and mobile (drag&drop).
o Open a file of your mobile (double click).
- Add Toolbar
- Setup: Able to change the install folder.

Update Description:
- Notification on your PC when you get a new email, text or incoming phone call.
- Speed and performance
have improved a bit.