توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : مونسترپک NivlaFX 0.2 گوشی L7 موتورولا::آپلود شده در سایت

27-01-2010, 12:02
با سلام

این آخرین مونسترپک موتورولا l7 هستش که در تاریخ 27/12/2009 معرفی شده.تو سایت آپلود کردم.در ضمن مخصوص بوت لودر 08.d0 هست. اینم مشخصاتش:

NivlaFX 0.2

YES. My MP is finally complete with only 1 (ONE) bug to be fixed but is really, really GREAT. I am Working on version 0.2. Have Fun with my MP Everyone. Thanks will be greatly appreciated.

Patches Applied In 0.1

• Picture Resolution.fpa - JPG - 1280x1024; PNG, GIF - 640x480; BMP - 320x240 (standard)
• SpeedUP.fpa -!!! Increasing the speed of opening media files.
• Canvas_LongKey_timer.fpa
• Change Color Java Start.fpa
• Enable delivery report SMS / MMS.fpa (Can Be Changed In Message Optins-Delivery Report)
• MMA from skin folder.fpa
• Canvas LongKey timer
• Canvas access to all buttons
• I-Tap_In Corlets.fpa
• Folder_elf_in_c_a.fpa
• Media_Search.fpa - Search media only in appropriate folders (and not Memory Stick stick)
• Elfpack.fpa - Elfpack 1.0
• Increase iTap memory 10kb.fpa
• Vidimye_paroli1.02.fpa (Don’t Know)
• Discharge Tone Off
• 5 Fonts
• Airplane Mode
• Change the folder, select the tunes on the folder "b / mobile / audio / rings"
• Change the order of characters when typing "- with:.?, @ '- _: () At:.,?: () - @ _"
• Changing the time of re-alarm
• Time, date and message on the lock instead of the message on the keypad is locked
• Clock in the status bar
• Corelet In java list
• Redirect all debugging information in MidWay - for convenience
• Change time activity display
• Fast forward & Rewind Video
• The name and time in the list of alarms (first name, then the time)
• Allow to change the style of notification to WVIM-messages
• Automatic keylock
• Automatic unlocking the keypad + Patch - alarm clock icon in status bar
• Work in the background, backlight, and the status bar in java-applications
• Prevent emergency calls when the keypad is locked
• Undo delete the list of incoming / outgoing calls when changing SIM cards
• Termination of vibration and sound when changing volume
• Full-screen selection lists and submenus
• General list of games and applications (quests, conundrums + phone)
• Increase in the number of dial attempts
• Increase in the time active Bluetooth
• Increase in MMS (up to 512 KB)
• "iTunes" instead of "irDA"
• Work java-application with attached USB-cable
• The backlighting
• Increase MP3-bitrate to 320 kbps
• New date format
• New format of file names
• The new format of phone numbers
• Access to opcodes by a combination of keys "Menu + 0"
• Receive files via Bluetooth of many types
• remove second icon in Java
• Style calls for Email messages
• Run the java-application from the calendar without confirmation
• Running the main menu by double pressing the "*"
• Style alert SMS / MMS regardless of IDs calls
• Changing the size of RAM of system memory
• Switching tracks in the audio player
• USB-charging
• Vibration in java-applications
• "Visibility folders when you connect the phone via OBEX"
• Access to sim 4a of corelet

Viewing IMEI by pressing "* 6"
• During the music playback signal level is not Sounded Off
• Access to the launch of functions corelet
• Access to system files "
• Writing Secure Sims
• Change the order of the menu with labels
• Zoom in pictures 50% - zoom 200% \ scale 75% - zoom 250% \ normal size - 100%
• Termination signature verification Midlet / Corlet, manual assignment of access rights for applications
• In the Phonebook - "Sending" instead of "Exit"
• Reboot the phone from the menu instead of the item "Upgrade"
• After pressing the smart key (left building) when in the windows of a set of text - is a transliteration of typed text Russian / Latin.
• Removed the DRM protection
• Remove unnecessary folders from the phone
• Remove unnecessary folders with memory stick
• Delete any folders with phone and creation in any place
• Heap java 1496kb
• EOR_RB_java_install_from_root
• Cancel interrupt active GPRS / EDGE-session
• Change the order of the menu in the video camera
• Icon missed call in the SS
• RedMenu.fpa - Elf RedMenu transferred to the patch
• SkinManager.fpa - Elf SkinManager transferred to the patch
• Smsalrm.fpa - Patch SmsAlarm 1.2 is made of an elf
• Dictaphone.fpa - Elf Dictaphone transferred to the patch
• SynTime.fpa - Elf SynTime transferred to the patch
• synsock.fpa - Elf synsock transferred to the patch
• MidTransfer.fpa - Elf Midtransfer in the form of a patch located in the Menu-Settings-Nivla-Midtransfer
• Tunes 4.0. mod.fpa - Elf Tunes 3.6 as a patch. Config and Lang and skins must be in directory c / elf / Tunes /

What has changed since v 0.1
Added ElfPack2

• Library updated to 6.5 (ep1)
• Added patch to show all icons in the list of Java
• Send_replace_exit_in_phonebook_UNDO-rolled his buggy ......
• Rolled EOR_RB_temporary_audio2_UNDO will not work as necessary
• He wrote the photos and videos on the stick (corrected)
• Added len2
• Now you can save the number to sms all the rules (Not Working Still)
• C-BT
• Fix for zhatii on the green in the SMS phone went off in rebuta
• Adjusted cr2:
• + Added New Skins
• + Adjusted Sims .......
• Now-Tunes 4.0
• World clock is now 1.3
• Fixed SmsAlarm now in the calculator. " works
• Added EQ (find ourselves)
• Fix the "send" in Java (now quickly send, and then had thought ...)
• Switching incoming \ outgoing calls joystick:
• Added the root of the calculator now if you want to calculate the root of accumulating EXAMPLE: 169 then "-" and then the menu-root and the phone will display 13, about the "-" do not forget otherwise computed root .......
• Added elf-EDGE it includes off-whack (thanks baat'u), but you must then either reboot or on / off mode of air, FIHM somehow re pridumayu.Macho help. NOW Inet + MUSIC WORKS .... On other platforms do not promise full availability elf though God knows try
• Changing table compression JPG (thanks kai ...). But little clarity has improved!
• Java in the background:
• + now you can Tools menu and Java always include
• + Backlight (currently only Klava does not control, temporarily)
• + When you press the green button goes to the background Java
• + Ability to you to use Java from SonyEricson not adapting Java application, it is sufficient to change the settings of Java SE <> MOTO and this Java application key codes will be replaced

• ColorFLow1X1
• Futura
• Night shine1X1(c)Ramon
• Night shine(c)Ramon
• oPhoneFresh
• RedEssenceV2
• Splash_jaims009

• Virtual Corlet 1.6
• MMA Advance Editor ENG
• Mini Commander


27-01-2010, 12:17
اینم فایل ضمیمه تو 7 پارت.موفق باشید.

27-01-2010, 16:57
آقا وحید ممنونم .

27-01-2010, 20:33
راستی مجتبی جان این مونسترپک ورژن r4513_g_08.b7.eor_rb هست.اگه رو asr یا dsr ریخته بشه چی می شه؟ اگه ریخته بشه دوباره می شه asr زد؟ممنون می شم راهنمایی کنی.