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30-03-2010, 12:13
Music Tagger v0.4


Title: Music Tagger
Author: unfunk
Version: 0.4
Source material: mobilefree.ru
Installation Type: Auto (PKG)

Powerful ID3 tag

In the new version:
[] BCFG config (encoding, language, style GUI, items in the info about the file)
Optimization GUI-classes
Bug when you add the cover did not appear "Delete"
Info on the cover on 240x320 screens showing the covers
Improved the incorrect reading frames in Unicode
Fixed support for multiple values in the comments

[1] Edit: Artist, Album, Title
[2] Edit: Year, Tracks, Genre, Comments
[3] Editing covers
[4] Support encodings Latin1, UTF-8, UTF16, Win1251
[5] View \ Edit Forms tags v1.0, v2.2, v2.3, v2.4
[6] Saving tag format ID3v2.4, UTF-16LE
[7] Playing tracks in the elf
[8] Pereiminovaniya track in the elf
[9] Maintaining cover tracks to your phone
[10] Thumbnail view
[11] The choice of the genre from the list
[12] BCFG config with the possibility of tinctures: encoding, language, style GUI, items in the info about the file

Tested on:
[-] W660
[-] W610
[-] K800

[1] Set elf Installer and associate it with the format of PKG
[2] Put mtagger_v0.4.pkg to your phone anywhere
[3] Run mtagger_v0.4.pkg
[4] Find MusicTagger.elf Zbin in the folder and run it

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16-04-2010, 16:51
آپدیت الف کاربردی Music Tagger 0.5
برای ویرایش تگهای موزیک
با امکانات بیشتر

Music Tagger v0.5


Powerful ID3 tag
In the new version:
Bug on phones A2 (not updated the second row after editing or deleting)
[] Search the list of genres
[] Rename the file to templates
Bug in which the fields were not removed after saving
Fixed the output information about the cover
In the info about the file instead of the number of channels, now displays the audio mode (Stereo, Joint Stereo, Mono)
[] Added display of codec (if any)
[~] Minor corrections and additions

05-07-2010, 08:55
Music Tagger 0.6


Music Tagger 0.6 - ID3 Tag Editor
Tag editor ID3 v1.0, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
Support encoding Latin1, UTF-8, UTF16, Win1251
Saving tags in ID3v2.4 UTF-16
Ability to change the cover to the track
Change the size covers
Renaming Template
Display info about the track: bitrate, frequency, etc.
Play Tracks

Installing a ElfInstaller or manually:
MusicTagger.elf -> ZBin
mtagger .*. lng -> Config / mtagger
jpeglib.dll and pnglib.dll -> ZBin / DLL

To handle covers elf now uses the dll.
So the old elfpack will not work.

[] Ability to change the size of the cover (so far only for jpg and png)
[] Conversion of cover jpg <-> png
Written to cover the last frame.
[] Check availability of records in the file.
[] Filter incorrect characters when renaming.
In some files incorrectly recorded the size id3v2 tag.
[] Reading files from a folder card/MP3
Error in renaming template.
Is not correct recording frame-commentary.
Not always correctly determine the number of audio channels.
[] The total optimization, minor revision.

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