Platforms: Symbian
Version: 1.65
Date: 2005-06-08
User rating: 6.12 (8 votes)
Downloads: 27313 (175 last week)

Now you can send photos also to friends that own a “normal” Nokia-cellular phone a photo from your Nokia series 60 mobile phone – just per a SMS.

Did you ever take some pictures with Nokia Smartphone and you did not have the chance send them to your family or your friends, because they don`t have such a new MMS-compatible mobile phone? That won`t be a problem no more! Just convert any image to a monochrome Nokia picture message using PhotoSMS and send it via SMS to another phone.

Because of the real-time conversion you are able to change the conversion parameters (contrast, brightness, edge detection) and the output could be seen immediately. You can also use the zoom function to convert smaller display details.

There are so many different possibilities to use this creative software. There not only humans, animals or artefacts to convert you may use also symbols and graphics, e.g. just draw a symbol on a white paper, take a picture of it, convert it to a picture message and send it to your friends! You have so much possibilities! Get more out of your Nokia Smartphone!


* Converts every image or photo into a Nokia picture message
* Real-time conversion - See it while you’re changing it.
* Brightness and sharpness are adjustable
* Use the zoom function to convert image details
* Draw your own lines into the picture
* Saved picture will be put into the "Picture msgs" folder in the image folder of your Nokia series 60 mobile phone
* Send it directly to your friends

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