Communities v1.0.7 | برنامه جوامع اطلاعاتی

Online communities to the next level. Communities is the Tapatalk app for webOS. over 20,000 online communities are waiting for you. Search your interests, all of those communities you visit on your computer, and discover what Communities can bring you. With an optimized interface for the Touchpad, Communities brings you an unique experience of your communities...

Communities is not a solution: it's your new preferred way on visiting online communities. Your favourite communities aren’t compatible? don’t worry. Ask your community admin to visit our website: making a community compatible it’s as easy as copying a folder, & absolutely free.

Communities Key Features: Access to 20,000+ online communities, using multiple communities accounts. You can open multuple communities at the same time, and revise your timelines, and subscriptions seamlessly from an unique view. What you've missed, where you've participated, your subscriptions, and the entire community, as far as one Tap of distance. You'll be able to manage your subscriptions, bookmark communities, manage your inboxes, create, edit or reply to conversations, and also (if available) thank or like comments. Communities is powered with Tapatalk Technology, enabling you to enjoy all the iPhone and Android Tapatalk Compatible Forums.