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Forums v1.2.5 (Tapatalk Powered)
Requirements: webOS 1.4.5+
Overview: With over 14,000 compatible forums right now (growing daily) you can enjoy a a fast & optimized view of your favourite communities with a seamless mobile experience, and enjoy multiple communities at the same time with the unique webOS multitasking. Your favourite communities aren’t compatible? don’t worry. Ask your community admin to visit our website: making a forum compatible it’s as easy as copying a folder, and absolutely free. Forums key features: * Access to 14,000+ online communities * Multiple forum accounts * Unlimited active forums at the same time * Unlimited Threads open at the same time * Add forums to your launcher * View New and Unread topics * View and Manage Subscribed and Participated topics * Subscribe to Topics and Subforums * Create/Reply/Edit topics and posts * Private Messages

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